BTCC’s Humorous Documentary on Bitcoin Mining in China

China is one of the major economies and a regional superpower in Asia. The vast country with the highest population in the world is also the country that tops the charts with the highest hashing power. The Chinese Bitcoin community is actively involved in Bitcoin mining operations and the Chinese mining pools are in control of the majority of overall Bitcoin mining.

hashrate distribution

hashrate distributionAccording to the latest data available on, the top three Bitcoin mining pools are AntPool, F2Pool, and BTCC Pool. AntPool is a mining pool operated by the company known for AntMiner ASIC miners, BitMain while BTCC Pool is operated by the well-known Chinese Bitcoin exchange BTCC. All the three put together, will make up to about 67 percent of the total share.

BTCC is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world which has been in operation for over 5 years now. The exchange started out as BTCChina in 2011 by Bobby Lee. BTCC currently addresses almost every requirement of the Bitcoin community with its range of product and service offerings. BTCC’s offerings include cryptocurrency exchange services, mining

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