Can A Bitcoin-Powered Social Network Improve on Reddit?

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The owner of a arriving bitcoin-powered amicable media height Datt has expelled an overview of how a site will use cryptocurrency as an inducement to post content, an thought he claims bubbled adult during Reddit final year. Ryan X. Charles caused a bit of a stir when he debuted a thought of Datt, a decentralized calm pity system during late October’s San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup. Datt will have an invite-only private launch this month with a open launch tentatively scheduled for March.

The network will be identical to Reddit in several ways — permitting users to follow any other, for instance — though a categorical disproportion is that their is income during stake. Cryptocurrency will reinstate upvotes.

Charles isn’t holding credit for a idea. He claims Reddit had skeleton to decentralize itself, saying in a Jul post on Medium that when he worked for a association as a cryptocurrency engineer, his pursuit was to come adult with a recipe for a identical plate for then-Ceo Yishan Wong.

Charles explains a remuneration complement he devised:

The approach a decentralized reddit works is like this. Each user has an app, a reddit app, that connects to a reddit p2p

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