Can Bitcoin Help Curb Corruption in Government Offices?

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In Nigeria, a mobile phone use was launched to news opposite hurtful limit police, and it successfully helped truckers and tiny traders to pass limit but profitable bribes. In Afghanistan, a supervision introduced automation to a taxation collection routine that helped revoke opportunities for taxation theft. In India, a supervision launched schemes that employed a energy of internet in distributing subsidized fertilizers among bad farmers, a use that was food to hurtful middlemen for over 60 years.

Technology, but a doubt, is a heading distractor for all hurtful activities. The new developments in finance, communication and record-keeping zone has helped anti-corruption cells in toning down frauds, and safeguard good governance. There is no doubt in observant that usually record can urge clarity and boost burden between a supervision and a people. And it can be seen really good in a aforementioned cases where technology, in one or another, played an critical role.

But let’s accept it: Corruption is unavoidable — a amicable materialisation — that exists as naturally as an influenza virus. Many countries, generally a initial universe nations, explain that they have tempered this amicable stigma. But nonetheless, crime still flourishes relentlessly in both domestic and official offices, while impacting everything

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