Canadian Authorities Arrested DNM Vendor Dr. Xanax

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Laval, Montreal

Five people were arrested in a new military operation called a Project Affranchi. The raid happened a few weeks ago and according to a military news – all 5 persons arrested were behind a pseudonym Dr. Xanax, one of a obvious vendors on a dim web markets. Now they are confronting charges of drug possession for a purpose of trafficking, possession of drugs for trade and producing homemade Xanax tablets.

Project AffranchiThe raid took place during Longueuil, Brossard and Beloeil; one of these locations was indeed a unit of one of a concerned suspects. Namely, a dim web businessman Dr. Xanax was a partial of a drug circle, producing and distributing feign Xanax tablets.

According to a military report, some-more than dual million tawdry pills were seized, together with $200,000 in cash, a bulletproof vest, 3 handguns and 7 press machines used for dire a Xanax pills. Police also reliable that nothing of a arrested in a Project Affranchi has had prior rapist records, though their round was really good organized. The fact that one appurtenance alone is


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