Canadian Authorities Arrested DNM Vendor Dr. Xanax

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Laval, Montreal

Five people were arrested in the recent police operation called the Project Affranchi. The raid happened a few weeks ago and according to the police report – all five persons arrested were behind the pseudonym Dr. Xanax, one of the well-known vendors on the dark web markets. Now they are facing charges of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of drugs for export and producing homemade Xanax tablets.

Project AffranchiThe raid took place at Longueuil, Brossard and Beloeil; one of these locations was actually the apartment of one of the involved suspects. Namely, the dark web vendor Dr. Xanax was a part of a drug circle, producing and distributing fake Xanax tablets.

According to the police report, more than two million counterfeit pills were seized, together with $200,000 in cash, a bulletproof vest, three handguns and seven press machines used for pressing the Xanax pills. Police also confirmed that none of the arrested in the Project Affranchi has had previous criminal records, but their circle was very well organized. The fact that one machine alone is

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