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In Oct 2015, Nexusguard, a systems confidence association that specializes in DDoS defense, started usurpation bitcoin as a form of remuneration after one of their vast general clients requested assistance when their servers came underneath a DDoS attack.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Xenophon Giannis, clamp boss of Nexusguard, explained because they incited their courtesy to a digital currency.

“We indispensable to accept a vast remuneration and did not have a oppulance to wait a customary 5 days for a handle transfer,” pronounced Giannis. “The bitcoin send was finished in reduction than one hour.”

Since that initial incursion into a universe of digital banking payments, Nexusguard has done Bitcoin an essential partial of a code plan and has worked with other companies in a bitcoin space.

For example, BitMinter, one of a initial bitcoin mining pools, found that it also indispensable a approach to safeguard a position and security. BitMinter began in Jun 2011 and during a peak, it tranquil 10 percent of tellurian computing energy for bitcoin mining, creation it an appealing aim for competitors and enemy alike. Nexusguard was means to broach vicious fortitude and limit up-time for BitMinter, ensuring a predicted money flow, undeviating by attacks.

And BitMinter was able

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