Cash Inflow In Emerging Markets Can Be Positive For Bitcoin

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For those people who were dreaming of a cashless future, that situation will not become a reality anytime soon. Emerging markets are suddenly receiving bucketloads of cash, to buy stocks and bonds. Interestingly enough, both emerging markets and developing countries are reaping the benefits of this change.

It has to be said, a record amount of cash funds have been flowing to emerging and developing markets over the past week. Emerging markets aw US$4.9bn entering the bonds market, whereas developing countries saw US$4.7bn worth of stocks being purchased. This is quite a change from the cash outflows all of these countries had to deal with for several years.

Emerging Markets And Bitcoin Pick Up Steam

According to some investors, these markets are at a turning point. It is still a bit early to say whether or not this is true, as it depends on many different factors. Unless commodity prices and export pick up in these countries, it is doubtful any significant changes will be happening soon.

Jamie Anderson, a managing principal at Tierra Funds, seems convinced there is data showing these countries are recovering. At the same time, these inflows are only a drop of water on the boiling plate at

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