Cash injection for OpenBazaar

OpenBazaarOpenBazaar has focused on Bitcoin as payment to continue and establish the advance peer-to-peer e-commerce industry – almost like a decentralized eBay what payments based on Bitcoin.

After OpenBazaar has won (back then still under the name “Dark Market”) the Hackathon in April 2014 in Toronto, there is now, a year later, a cash infusion from the Silicon Valley. The developer of decentralized open source Bitcoin marketplace can look forward to a 1 million dollar heavy financing. Participated in the financing round were among others Andreessen Horowitz from Union Square Ventures and angel investor William Mougayar.

The new funds will be used for observations of full-time developers, and for building OB1. OB1 is another resulting from the project company which will be responsible for the development of features for future OpenBazaar users.

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