Cashing Out – What is Your Strategy?

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**This is part one of a six part series on how to cash out – and keep – your money and your freedom.

Personal Freedom and Financial Privacy is Disappearing

Governments around the developed world, desperate for assets, are using laws designed to combat terrorism to keep track of, contain, and control your money and your freedom.

Suddenly, keeping your assets and property in the type, location and form that you choose has become nothing short of a criminal act. Your desire to hold property that you earned in a manner that keeps it out of the hands of the Treasury makes you suspect, and trust me, it is only getting worse.



The End of Cash

Banks throughout the world are trying to ban cash, forcing you to keep your money in the bank, under the control of the government. At the same time, the same governments are making it illegal to collect and pay for goods and services with cash.

edit – the tactic of banning cash is accelerating throughout the EU. Google search, ‘ban on cash’.

Depositing cash into your bank account can get your entire

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