Chainalysis: More Ransomware Arrests Are Coming

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Ransomware has been on the rise as of late, and it is a cyber security threat a lot of businesses and government services are taking seriously. According to Chainalysis, the blockchain monitoring company, more ransomware-related arrests from law enforcement are on the horizon.

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Can Companies Like Chainalysis Curb Ransomware and Cyber Crime?

Cybercriminals have been using ransomware threats over the past few years to extort organizations by encrypting their data and asking for a financial ransom — often in the form of bitcoin. Chainalysis has been working with law enforcement all around the world to combat this problem.

Most recently, Chainalysis helped authorities take down cyber-gang DD4BC (DDoS for bitcoin). The firm says there will be many more similar arrests in the near future.

Michael Gronager, CEO and co-founder of Chainalysis details the lowdown to Computer Weekly:

Expect to see some arrests soon as law enforcement agencies wrap up their investigations into several ransomware operations.—The ransomware industry is probably worth more than $100bn (£76bn) a year, but hopefully, our technology will help to reduce and contain that as people are arrested and sent to jail.

Gronager says in the past, bitcoin was portrayed as anonymous, but

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