ChangeTip Integrates Gyft Withdrawal Option for Bitcoin Tips

Bitcoin has proven to be a powerful ally when it comes to collecting online tips as a content creator.  Rather than relying on advertising revenue, or putting up a subscription paywall, online tips can keep websites ad-free, just they way they are supposed to be.  ChangeTip is one of the leading companies in terms of enabling online tipping with Bitcoin; and their recent Gyft integration makes the service even more appealing.

Bitcoin Tips Through ChangeTip Become Even More ImportantGyft

There is no greater feeling than receiving a small financial contribution in recognition of the content created.  Social interaction shows that people read the content, as well as enjoy talking about it and even sharing it with their friends and family.  However, gratefulness doesn’t pay the monthly bills, unfortunately, which makes receiving tips in Bitcoin a nice way of earning a small and passive income on the side.

In fact, more and more websites and companies are embracing the “online tipping” model, as the online advertising landscape is drastically changing.  Most website visitors use advertisement blockers, or simply ignore the ads altogether.  Plus, hosting too many ads – or even unrelated advertisements –

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