ChaosVPN: The Hackers’ VPN!

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You have to admit it – even the name sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? ChaosVPN is a VPN intended to connect hackers and hackerspaces. The Chaos Computer Club, based in Hamburg, Germany, designed it.

I discovered ChaosVPN in a very unusual way. I’m a member of several dark web-related social networks (on the clearnet, that is) and one of the group members asked how to connect to it. Thus, I was directed to the ChaosVPN wiki, which, of course, explains how to connect and all the basics.

The part that really made me laugh, of course, was this “warning” emblazoned on the front page:

Can anyone say “Shadow Web”? Hopefully that made you giggle – but I digress.

Connecting to ChaosVPN

ChaosVPN uses tinc, a VPN daemon that creates a secure network between hosts on the internet via encryption and a tunneling protocol. In fact, ChaosVPN and tinc are really interdependent.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to use tinc, I suggest you start with that first. When it comes to your anonymity, you may already have loyalty to a specific VPN,

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