Checking The Bitcoin Price On Your Apple Watch

Digital currency enthusiasts want nothing more than to be kept up t date regarding the Bitcoin price at any given time. Although the modern digital currency has matured beyond most of its price volatility in recent times, the value per Bitcoin remains important to all of us. Several images have surfaced detailing a new Apple Watch watchface, which not only tells the data and time but also updates the Bitcoin price several times per hour. Quite convenient for some, while potentially useless for others, but interesting nonetheless.

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Bitcoin Price Ticker On Apple Watch

TheMerkle_Time Bitcoin Price Apple Watch

Wearables present an exciting medium to start a conversation about, as this type of technology remains relatively new. Some industry experts would even call this a niche market, as smart watches is not something every consumer wants in their daily lives. But at the same time, there is much more to an Apple Watch than just a fancy design with some applications running in the background.

The images found in this album on Imgur show how somebody managed to integrate a small price

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