Close to a finale of a MtGox’s failure proceeding

We are tighten to see a finale of MtGox’s failure proceeding. In this sense, Tokio District Court has released a final report with this regard. We can see a genuine volume of resources owned by a company.

In particular, we can prominence a following items:

  1. Regarding a sum of a proceeding, a series of failure creditors is 24,704 and a volume of btc managed by a failure estate is 202,159.34071488 bitcoins. On a other hand, a sum volume of a failure claims is JPY 2,663,394,225,570 (it means approx. 1,743,232,794.82279 bitcoins with a stream exchange). From this amount, a 3 largest creditors volume JPY 2,533,517,211,285.
  2. Court is questioning either or not a BTC have left in MTGOX for that a Court has substituted such work to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC and ReEx Accounting Firm.
  3. There are several dependent companies to MTGOX that have loan receivables opposite them:
  • TIBANNE Co. Ltd.- Parent association of MTGOX, a Court has filed failure explain opposite it. Amount of a loan receivables: JPY 25,841,657,102
  • K.K. SHADE 3D.- Subsidiary of TIBANNE Co. Amount of a loans receivables: JPY 338,139,321, that has been concluded to be sole to a association New Horizon II Investment Limited Partnership for JPY 46,686,362
  • K.K. BITCOIN.CAFE.- The justice filed in

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