Cocaine Filled Greeting Cards Shut Down Brisbane Police Station

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In Brisbane, Australia, two greeting cards managed to shut down an entire police station. The building was evacuated and a 50 meter exclusion zone was set up. Anthrax, a potent biological weapon, was suspected to be inside the greeting cards.

When an unidentified Australian man looked through his mail, he was surprised with two greeting cards. He was surprised once again upon discovering that one of the cards contained roughly 2g of white powder. Believing the powder to be dangerous, he placed both cards in a plastic bag for transport. The anonymous man drove straight to Boondall Police Station in north Brisbane.

Bringing a potential chemical weapon to a police department went as well as one could have expected. The police responded aptly. Boondall Police Station was flagged with do-not-cross tape while Queensland Fire and Emergency Service were dispatched. The building was completely evacuated by 8pm.

Forensics teams were then seen sweeping the building in bright yellow Hazmat suits and gas masks. According to ABC, Queensland Fire and Emergency Service conducted a dip-test on the suspicious powder; preliminary results indicate that the man received 2g of

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