Coinbase Announces Winners of BitHack v2

Coinbase announced the BitHack v2 Hackathon a few weeks ago. With this Hackathon, the company was trying to get developers to design new applications using Coinbase API.

Anyone from anywhere in the world could submit a Bitcoin project to BitHack v2, as long as it met our simple guidelines. Over 300 teams registered, and we received 84 qualified submissions from twelve different countries. Many of these submissions came from people who were not able to build payment applications before Bitcoin.

Today, Coinbase finally announced the BitHack v2 winners who will collectively receive over $70,000 worth of prizes. The exchange and wallet service revealed the BitHack was very important because it tapped into a core benefit of Bitcoin.

Coinbase acknowledged the major prize winners, who (across multiple platforms and continents) have demonstrated an exceptional level of innovation and technical prowess in the development of their respective Bitcoin apps. True to Bitcoin’s global potential, the five winning projects were built in four different countries, each with a unique economic climate: Pakistan, Philippines, Germany, and the U.S.

First the company dedicated an honorable mention to Streamium, an app that received the highest score by many judges but whose team started work before the BitHack v2 start date,

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