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Coinbase Co-Founder Ehrsam: Bitcoin’s Open Network Beats Private Blockchains

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Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase, remarkable in a Yahoo video interview that while a benefaction duration is a good time for bitcoin, discuss also surrounds bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Asked by Yahoo financial contributor Dan Roberts about a seductiveness in blockchain record that is overshadowing bitcoin, Ehrsam compared a discuss to a emergence of a Internet when sealed corporate Intranets were common.

Fred Ehrsam

Fred Ehrsam

The people regulating a corporate Intranets pronounced they wanted a potency gains a Internet supposing but any of a “wild west frightful stuff.” Twenty years later, we know that “the open Internet is where all a engaging things happen,” such as a open network environment, a common custom that anyone can build on, Ehrsam said.

Blockchain Without Bitcoin?

“I’m a outrageous proponent of a open network… we consider a whole network of blockchain but bitcoin will volume to really small in comparison with a open network,” he said.

Ehrsam is one of several bitcoin observers to doubt those who say

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