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It might seem ironic, but privacy dominated a open digital banking contention in October.

Spurred by a flourishing recognition that bitcoin is not as unknown as it has been advertised by banks and regulators, innovators and speculators are now seeking to gain on what they see as an event to emanate new products for developers and new value for investors.

Propelling this discuss to a forefront was a entrance of a long-in-the-making blockchain plan called Zcash, that generated poignant prominence (not to discuss marketplace activity) by leveraging claimed advances in bleeding-edge cryptography.

The currency, that uses zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs to assistance users determine exchange but exchanging information, has done swell toward providing users with new levels of optional anonymity.

As a outcome of effective outreach, a Zcash markets saw a rapid bang and bust after launch.

Zcash’s ZEC tokens surged to roughly 3,300 BTC (more than $2m) as they started trading on 28th October,

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