Coiners Wants You To Meet The People Behind Bitcoin And Blockchain

Finding out more information about the Bitcoin ecosystem is as easy as looking up the term on Wikipedia. At the same time, not all of this information is up-to-date anymore, although the various contributors try to keep things orderly. But in the end, decentralization is all about steering away from existing platforms such as Wikipedia. Coiners is a new platform acting as an open wiki focusing solely on blockchain and digital currency.

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Coiners – An Open Wikipedia With A Single Purpose

As amazing as it is to look up information on Wikipedia, it is not the go-to solution for various topics. Especially when those topics tend to be very technical in nature, Wikipedia explanations just aren’t sufficient. While this popular platform presents plenty of outbound links to other source material, a simpler solution needs to be found for Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

This is where Coiners comes into the picture, although the platform is designed to complement Wikipedia, rather than completely replace it. The main purpose of the Coiners platform is to create a hub of information solely dedicated to people and companies active in the world of digital currency and blockchain technology.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding digital currency is how the overall community is relatively small. It all comes down to how one wants to define the term “small” in that regard, as there are tens of thousands of Bitcoin users on a global scale. However, compared to the global population numbers, the digital currency community is still very small indeed.

But that does not mean these people are less important compared to anyone else, and Coiners can give them a bit of a spotlight on their platform. As the main purpose of this platform is to meet the people behind the technology, the platform creates an excellent opportunity for employees and entrepreneurs to tell the world a bit more about themselves.

One of the featured articles available on the website right now talks about the Bitcoin Core developers and links to their individual profiles are included as well. This just goes to show that contributing, or even adding articles, can be done by everyone in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Submitting content will require users to sign in through GitHub, or send their article to the Coiners team.

Digital currency is, at its core, designed to create more openness and transparency in general. Not just in the financial world, but across all different aspects of life. This includes the people working with this technology and concept, such as developers, writers, designers, event organizers, and everyone else who has any form of knowledge on the topic.

All Content Is More Than Welcome

It goes without saying that putting Coiners on the map will take quite some time. Building up a vast selection of content through community efforts is not something that will happen overnight. Furthermore, the content available on Wikipedia can’t be just copied over, as that would cause plagiarism listings.

All digital currency community members and companies are invited to submit their articles and contributions to Coiners. However, it is important to note this will not be a portal to advertise existing media content in the hopes of scoring some easy backlinks. Coiners have at least one editor in place overseeing all submissions, to make sure there is no duplicate content or plagiarism involved.


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