Coinetize Micropayments Enables Bitcoin Monetization

Coinetize Micropayments Enables Bitcoin Monetization

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Coinetize, a micropayment use that pays in bitcoin, allows any website to accept payments for content. A pivotal idea of a project, that is now in private beta, is to giveaway website calm providers from carrying to concede calm peculiarity with homely promotion that is mostly indispensable to monetize a content.

Website visitors can squeeze “Coinetize Credits” regulating possibly a credit label or bitcoin. Coinetize charges users a 1.8% fee.

A website can allot some of a pages to Coinetize to filter. Coinetize will usually concede visitors entrance to those pages if a visitors have paid a scold fee.

The ‘Coinetized’ Guardian

The Coinetize website shows a “Coinetized” chronicle of The Guardian newspaper. When a reader clicks on an essay in The Guardian, a window pops adult seeking for 30 credits. The window also has a symbol for a reader to pointer adult for a Coinetize account. The website promises

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