Coinetize Micropayments Enables Bitcoin Monetization

Coinetize Micropayments Enables Bitcoin Monetization

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Coinetize, a micropayment service that pays in bitcoin, allows any website to accept payments for content. A key goal of the project, which is currently in private beta, is to free website content providers from having to compromise content quality with unattractive advertising that is often needed to monetize the content.

Website visitors can purchase “Coinetize Credits” using either a credit card or bitcoin. Coinetize charges users a 1.8% fee.

A website can allocate some of its pages to Coinetize to filter. Coinetize will only allow visitors access to those pages if the visitors have paid the correct fee.

The ‘Coinetized’ Guardian

The Coinetize website shows a “Coinetized” version of The Guardian newspaper. When a reader clicks on an article in The Guardian, a window pops up asking for 30 credits. The window also has a button for the reader to sign up for a Coinetize account. The website promises

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