Coinkite’s E-Commerce Solution Makes Bitcoin Payments Easy

Bringing simple and convenient e-commerce solutions to existing Bitcoin users is a great step forward in growing the ecosystem.  As more and more people can accept Bitcoin payments directly, a new wave of virtual currency adoption might be just around the corner.  Coinkite, a  wallet provider, recently presented their new e-commerce solution for Bitcoin users.

A Buy-It-Now Button For Coinkite Users

Rather than just looking at this new Coinkite feature as a way to sell goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin, the buy-it-now button can be used to accept Bitcoin donations as well.  All payments received with this new e-commerce solution will automatically transfer incoming transactions to the user’s Coinkite wallet.

It is important to note that Coinkite’s e-commerce solution is not limited to using one and the same receiving address all the time.  Similar to how other Bitcoin e-commerce solutions work, receiving addresses will be rotated automatically, increasing the privacy level and offering an accounting advantage for Coinkite users.

But that is not all, as Coinkite’s e-commerce solution is one of the very first of its kind to not require Javascript or cookies.  Additionally, all incoming Bitcoin payments can even be

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