CoinMate is a new flourishing European Bitcoin exchange

CoinMate, a comparatively new Bitcoin exchange, is fast creation strides in a attention and has been means to get utterly a lot of coverage online. The UK-based sell has a outrageous advantage due to their location.

GBRIVER_London3_1920x12001The association website states that “there’s a reason we’re formed in a UK as a cryptocurrency company. It’s here that law has been a many proactive. Not usually that; sell have been strictly announced free from VAT (Value Added Tax). You can’t get many improved than that.” This geographical corner has authorised a association to pullulate in regards to providing services that are not usually cost effective, though secure too.

CoinMate was founded in early 2014, when consultant program developers and gifted economists joined their skills and motionless to build a Bitcoin sell focused on confidence and efficiency.


The association takes good honour in display off their confidence facilities and has an whole page dedicated to showcasing their reserve efforts. Regarding account security, they offer two-factor authentication and bank-grade SSL encryption on all accounts.

They explain to hold many of their Bitcoins in cold storage regulating multi-sig wallets. To serve secure their systems they also have anti-DDOS protection.

They Bitcoin height even has a bug bounty

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