Criminal Complaint Reveals ‘Private Internet Access’ Doesn’t Log

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According to a criminal complaint against Preston Alexander McWaters, who allegedly “[conveyed] false or misleading information regarding an explosive device”, the VPN provider “Private Internet Access” doesn’t log.

McWaters, 25, appears to be an individual who can’t move on from relationships. On March 27, 2015, police were called to an address about a stalking complaint. The victims, Devon Kenney and her mother, complained that McWaters was stalking Kenney. When police arrived, Kenney told them that McWaters was hiding outside of her house and that when she went outside, McWaters confronted her. He didn’t leave until she called police.

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Kenney claims that McWaters has repeatedly called her, texted her, messaged her on Facebook, and showed up at her house. It’s been estimated that McWaters has tried to contact her around 100 times. When she asked McWaters to stop, he said that if he couldn’t have her, then no one could.

Police spoke with McWaters and he told them that he and Kenney used to date and that he was “trying to patch things up.” Kenney obtained a “Threat Protection Order” against McWaters which is still in effect as of today.

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