Cryptocurrency Market for Bitcoin Worth $19.48 Billion in 2016

When looking at the cryptocurrency market as a whole, this movement is becoming quite popular and keeps increasing in value. Not all of that value – US$19.481 bn – stems forth from the Bitcoin price itself, but also the companies active in this space.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Value Gets Close to US$20bn

For an initiative only a few dedicated people thought would be successful, the Bitcoin protocol has seen spectacular growth over the past seven years. Part of this success can be attributed to Bitcoin being labeled as having “enormous potential to disrupt the Fintech space and revolutionize currency and payment systems”. But don’t forget about all of the companies active in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

A new report, titled “Global Cryptocurrency Market Insights And Analysis: Technology, Sizing, Growth, and Potential”, was released earlier today. This 75-page report looks at the growth all of the popular cryptocurrencies have gone through, as well as how the blockchain technology has evolved. Although speculation has been a driving factor for several years, the increased acceptance of Bitcoin payments by industry-leading organizations has legitimized the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Bitcoin remains the clear market leader in the world

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