CryptoSteel Review (Burned it down, ran over it and smashed it to the Ground)

A little over a year ago I was approach by a polish guy named Wojtek who said he was looking to create the most durable cold wallet possible. He was a metal artist and he thought about using this skill in order to create some form of wallet that couldn’t be destroyed.

The idea would be to keep your private keys or mnemonic phrase inside some sort of metal casing that will be resistant to any catastrophe that may occur – a flood, a fire, an earthquake, you name it. In order to raise the funds for this project he started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and a few months later he was fully funded, Cryptosteel was on its way to becoming a reality.

I have to admit that Cryptosteel’s vision seemed very compelling, and the video created for the product illustrated it extremely well:

However, as with many crowdfunding campaigns this project too has seen many obstacles. The product had some unforeseen delays. From manufacturing issues, to postal issues it seemed that a lot of things were preventing Cryptosteel from becoming a reality. However throughout all of these Wojtek kept close contact with his initial investors and made sure

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