Curtis Green Writes Silk Road Tell All, Needs Help with Cover Art

Anyone remember Curtis Green? One of the admins for Silk Road? Yes, the one Ross Ulbricht supposedly put a hit out on. Patrick Howell O’Neill from the Daily Dot reported yesterday that he’s back in the headlines, but this time it’s for his book.


Known as chronicpain on Silk Road, Green was arrested and turned on Ulbricht and Silk Road to cooperate with law enforcement. Ulbricht known as Dread Pirate Roberts founded Silk Road, and was accused to paying $80,000 dollars to have Green killed.

Ulbricht was arrested in 2013, and convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering, computer hacking, and identity fraud charges in 2015. Ross was never officially charged with anything related to murder, but that didn’t stop the allegations from playing immensely against him.

Green worked mostly with DEA agent Carl Force who went undercover as a hitman for Ulbricht, and sent staged photos of a murdered Green. Law enforcement and prosecutors fought to prove that Ulbricht was the one who ordered Greens murder. His defense claimed that he was not involved or in control of Silk Road at that time, saying someone else was operating under Ulbricht’s screen name during this time.

Irony would have it that it was in fact agent Force who was stealing the money from Silk Road, along with at least two other agents on the case. Green showed the agents how to use bitcoin and claimed that the agents had set him up to take the fall.  Agent Force, along with Agent Shaun Bridges were convicted of blackmail and theft charges in 2015.

Earlier this week Green Had Tweeted that he was looking for help choosing cover art for his book.

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