D-CENT to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Social Currencies with €1.9 Million in Funding from the European Commission

D-CENT (Decentralized Citizens ENgagement Technologies) is a Europe-wide project to create digital tools for direct democracy and economic empowerment. The project, which received €1.9 million funding from the European Union under FP7, wants to create a decentralized social networking platform for large-scale collaboration and decision-making.

The project team includes companies, universities and high-profile organizations such as the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), the French CNRS, and NESTA, a U.K. charity dedicated to foster socially relevant innovation with activities ranging from early stage investment to in-depth research and practical programs.

D-CENT announced that it will design structurally sustainable money systems via the creation of a digital ecosystem of blockchain-enabled complementary currencies to use in parallel with conventional ones. This “Monetary Ecology” will advance development in two domains of social innovation: complementary currencies governance systems and decentralized trust management systems.

The project will include Digital Social Currency pilot projects in communities that are already actively designing tools for collective decision-making in local economies:

  • – Social Kronas, a blockchain-enabled municipal currency and reward system for political participation in Reykjavik (Iceland);
  • – The evolution and decentralization of Eurocat, a complementary currency launched in Barcelona (Spain) in 2014;
  • – A decentralized social

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