D.P.A. Calls for lesser sentence for Ulbricht

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The Drug Policy Alliance filed a brief on the 16th pleading the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to reduce Ross Ulbrichts sentence of life without the possibility of parole for operating the Silk Road site.

“We have learned from 40 plus years of the failed war on drugs that incarceration does not prevent drug use or sales.” Retired Federal Judge Nancy Gertner,who is now Senior Lecturer at Harvard Law. “Even if it did, there is absolutely no evidence that a life sentence, including life without parole, is any more effective at deterring crime than a shorter sentence would be.”

The brief was filed on behalf of the Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, JustLeadershipUSA, and retired Judge Gertner. It highlighted the growing bipartisan consensus that life sentences do not make sense of drug convictions; that such sentences are disproportionate to what most people receive for drug trafficking offenses; and, given the failure of the war on drugs, harsh sentences do nothing to deter others from going out and committing similar crimes and doesn’t reduce drug sales or use. It also argued that the trial court relied on theyre false understanding of the cases of overdosing to justify

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