Dark Net Vendor ”fredthebaker” Busted In The Netherlands

The Central Criminal Inspection (ZKI) in cooperation with Göttingen prosecutors and the Dutch police, had busted four suspects (ranging from the age of 33 to 62) who are believed to be the dark net vendor group of ”fredthebaker”. The police operation took place on June 6, 2016, in a warehouse in Greater Enschede, Netherlands.


Law enforcement authorities seized 2.5 liters of amphetamine base, which could be used to make 7.5 kilograms of amphetamine, officers also found 300 grams of cocaine, 300 grams of heroin, 400 grams of marijuana , 1.5 kilograms finished amphetamines, large amounts of packaging equipment, six fraudulently used credit cards, a revolver with ammunition, a rifle and a large amount of cash.

The vendor group is expected to be operated from 2013 with the drugs sold by them hitting the market value of at least 1,276,000 EUR transported to a total of 62 countries. The substances were shipped across the border to Germany and sent by post. According to law enforcement authorities, the drugs were purchased from dark net marketplaces.

A special team has been tracking the suspects to catch the drug dealers on the internet more efficiently. The investigation team’s headquarters are located at the ZKI police headquarters in Göttingen. An extensive search led to the location and the identity of the suspects. Police officers managed to find the warehouse building in the Netherlands where the drug dealers were processing and shipping the substances to their customers.

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