Dark Wallet Developer Amir Taaki Comes in Support of Ross Ulbricht

Dark Wallet developer Amir Taaki recently came out in support of convicted Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht.

In a recent YouTube video, the British-Iranian techie said that he believes in the Ulbricht’s version of events, in which it is mentioned that he was associated with the Silk Road only during the early days of its development.

Taaki called Ulbricht a good guy, based on his first of many conversations with his pseudo identity “Dread Pirate Roberts”. He guesstimated that there were multiple identities controlling the same profile, for they behaved differently every time he conversed through it.

“Years ago, when I messaged the Silk Road, I had a conversation with the Dread Pirate Roberts – a very personal conversation where he was [talking] about how one day he hopes to be on the outside struggling for freedom together,” Taaki explained. “You know, not having to hide his identity.”

“One year [or] two years later when I messaged the guy — I’m pretty certain it was not the same guy. The tone was completely different. He had no recollection of the events that happened before, and his attitude to me was in stark contrast to the exuberant and wordy Dread Pirate Roberts of the early

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