Darkode Bitcoin bot criminal gets year and a day in US cooler

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Darkode bot criminal Rory Stephen Guidry has been condemned to a year and a day in jail for offered a botnet containing 5000 deferential machines, and hidden US$80,000 (£72,069, A$111,728) in Bitcoins and 5000 active credit cards.

Guildry, 29, or Louisiana was arrested in a massive take-down of gone English crime house Darkode in July.

The US Department of Justice says military also found stolen credit label annals during a man’s residence.

The bust has resulted in 70 Darkode users from mixed countries being charged, searched, or sentenced.

Guildry gained half of a US$80,000 in stolen Bitcoins that he flogged with an unnamed conspirator.

Some of a Bitcoins were converted to money and spent.

He was condemned on one count of receiving information by mechanism from a stable computer.


Inside Darkode

Guildry was also condemned to 3 years of supervised release.

“Cybercrime threatens anyone and everybody in a ever-increasingly internet-connected world,” United States Attorney Stephanie A. Finley says.

“Computer criminals will not be means to censor or say their anonymity, and they will be prosecuted locally, nationally and internationally.”

It is a latest scalp

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