DarkWallet Returns

From its website:

“Darkwallet is a community of projects developing a wallet with privacy, scalability and integrity. We see Bitcoin fundamentally as a new tool of business and trade in the free economy, more than a mere payments innovation.”

The bitcoin wallet with focus on privacy, DarkWallet, is showing signs of life again on GitHub, after many months of – well, nothing.

If you thought DarkWallet was a bit disappointing, you wouldn’t have been alone, because of its inactivity, there were lots of rumors throughout the community, rumors like DarkWallet was vaporware and had been abandoned, especially with its decline in development (and the fact it raised over $50,000 and 63 bitcoins). Some were more sinister, like the lead developers had “gone missing”. That wouldn’t been too far-fetched though, considering the government saw it as a serious threat since ISIS expressed interest in DarkWallet. You wouldn’t be able to blame them, seeing you can launder bitcoins without having to trust anyone, and many other promising features.

DarkWallet remains in alpha, despite promises that have yet to be fulfilled, some users have reported losing bitcoins. People who contributed to their campaign on IndieGoGo have yet to receive their perks as well. BitcoinX reports that “other privacy focused wallets have since stepped up to fill the void in the market, such as Samourai Wallet.”

Don’t get too pessimistic about DarkWallet though, it’s exciting to see it being worked on again, plus there’s always other ways to anonymize bitcoins.

There isn’t much information about what’s next for DarkWallet but at least we know it’s still alive.

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