Dash Across America Tour: Everyday Crypto Advocacy Hits the Road

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The owners of the Austin-based retail store, Brave New Books, are gearing up for another tour across America. This time, they’ll not only be using different cryptocurrencies, but will be riding in the new Bitcoin.com bus!

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Bitcoin.com Bus Tour: Advocacy on Wheels

Store owners, Catherine Bleish and John Bush, are hitting the road with all expenses paid exclusively in crypto as the Bitcoin.com bus will be taking them where they need to go.

The tour is called Dash Across America as the family is expanding from bitcoin-only to crypto-only, this time including Dash and Ether.

The Blush Family picked up the Bitcoin.com Bus last April in Rye, NH and brought it back to Texas where they have been slowly renovating it for full time travel.c744d590871f126ebb66daff8ace4107

Aided by a caravan of volunteers that just arrived from Adam Kokesh‘s FREEDOM! Ranch, the family will finalize their upgrades before they all depart to Arizona for the Jackalope Freedom Festival.

After the week-long Festival, the Blush Family will be following the same route they took on their 2nd Uncoinventional Bitcoin Tour in 2014. But the major difference this time around will be the new Bitcoin.com Bus rather than their minivan.

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