Dash Versus Monero is not a Debate we Should be Having

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Competition and Symbosis between DASH and MoneroOn the principle of what makes a cryptocurrency valuable, both Dash and Monero have a lot to offer over bitcoin and the other top market-capitalized digital currencies. They are both incredibly small in comparison to Bitcoin’s market capitalization and adoption level. But every great idea has to start somewhere.

Where both of them offer a deeper layer of privacy that is what is decidedly stronger than Bitcoin’s ability, Dash and Monero start to split off on their core offerings in ways that matter more to some people than others.

In what has become a highly competitive world of market adoption and investment in the way of cryptocurrency, Dash and Monero each have a long way to go to reach their true potential as robust, mass-market ready options, however, they might be better suited to help each other get there, rather than hold each other back through pointless squabbling.

Dash’s Governance and Treasury Go A Long Way

Dash has had the foresight to launch some major promotional activities in recent months through the arm of its governance treasury. By allowing members of the community to apply for funding for anything from

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