David Seaman: ‘Stop Competing and Just Make Everything Interoperable’

CoinTelegraph caught up with independent journalist and podcast host David Seaman to talk about the Bitcoin blocksize debate, BitLicense exodus, altcoins and gaming, as well as what bitcoin needs to break out of its current price slump.

[W]hen millennials start accepting Bitcoin as payment for wages and freelance labor, as is already happening in some circles … that’s the day banks are really screwed.

-David Seaman

CoinTelegraph: Picking up from our last interview. Has the mainstream media become more informed and balanced in its coverage of bitcoin?

David Seaman: I think so overall. The media will get excited about Bitcoin again when the price demands attention. It’s not exciting or sexy at the moment. They want either a train wreck to report on or a rags to riches story for Bitcoin users.

CT: What’s your take on the exodus of crypto-companies leaving New York after the BitLicense was introduced? What’s your opinion on Ben Lawsky’s alleged cronyism?

DS: It’s good they’re leaving. I can’t believe what New York did. Had a bureaucrat who was really supposed to be there to regulate BIG BANKS instead serving subpoenas to all these start-up Bitcoin entrepreneurs in his state and making

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