Death Penalty Call For Child Sex Offender Peter Scully In Philippines

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According to chief prosecutor Jaime Umpa, there is a death penalty call in child sex predator, Peter Scully’s case. The 53-year-old Australian citizen is currently standing before Cagayan De Oro court where prosecutors want to re-introduce death penalty to properly punish the man.

Umpa told the media Scully’s deeds are the most shocking officials had ever seen. The Australian man is facing murder, rape, human trafficking and 69 charges related to his dark web video business (he made videos for his clients on the dark net).


The most disgusting and notorious video of Scully is “Daisy’s Destruction” where he and her Filipino girlfriend tied an 18-month-old baby upside down while they were sexually assaulting and inflicting pain on her. The girl was returned to her parents after, however, she is deeply traumatized; she becomes hysterical every time a memory of her abuse is triggered. Scully allegedly sold the video to dark net clients for up to $10,000.

According to prosecutors, an 11-year-old was another victim of Scully: she was raped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave under a house rented by the sex offender.


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