‘Decentralized Uber’ Arcade City: ‘We Will Submit a DAO Proposal’

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BC: Arcade City just won the GTEC Blockchain Innovation Award. What’s your secret for this success considering you don’t have a market-ready product, a shoestring budget, and are basically a one-man team?

CD: Our proof-of-concept app saw rides given in 28 states and Australia and generated substantial interest around the world that overwhelmed our capacity to organize. Fortunately the jurors cared more about the traction of our model than some particular batch of code. Arcade City is unquestionably not a one-man team. We have embraced and successfully implemented the ‘Swarmwise’ model for organizing a broad-based movement of participants, out of which has coalesced a large team of organizers and a huge community of riders and drivers actively helping us design, test, and promote the decentralized rideshare service.

“Blockchain penetration throughout society is limited more by social issues than technical.”

The code of our platform is secondary, and not a close second, to the importance of our network and our community. It is a common mistake in the blockchain community to fetishize code above the social interactions that good code should support. Blockchain penetration throughout society is limited more by social issues than technical. We have solved the social issues around decentralized ridesharing.

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