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The following article is penned by Michael Douranos, a Crypto Investor and deClouds’ Community Manager. You can reach him at

Gold the Blockchain

DeCLOUDs Platform is a decentralized database that is open to all. There will be thousands of nodes running around the world simultaneously, forming a vast network of cloud nodes that will be very difficult to switch off. In fact, every single node will have to be destroyed in order to damage the network and that’s not easy at all! DeCLOUDs Network will function with tens of thousands of transactions, without any central management or supervision.

In deCLOUDs Platform every transaction is recorded and verified. If more participate in the network, the stronger it gets and safer it becomes. All transactions and records are published on the deCLOUDs blockchain and cannot be deleted. The participants of the Platform (Stakers) ensure that each transaction is valid and for that action they are rewarded with new deCLOUDs Tokens. DeCLOUDs Blockchain technology guarantee more secure transactions while dealing costs disappear.

By setting Gold transactions over deCLOUDs Blockchain the efficient transaction could fall to less than 1$! With dealing costs bellow a fraction of 0.01$. For the first time in economic history, Gold could be purchased by the majority

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