Derby Toyota Employee Busted ordering from Dark Net

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A Derby Toyota employee was caught after drugs he bought on dark net were intercepted when they arrived at Heath row Airport.

Adam Yates bought cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine on the now defunct Silk Road and then sold them to a woman the court heard to be named Leah.



28 year old Yates’ attorney, Baz Bhattia, said his client was of previous, strong, good character, and turned to dealing drugs after a previous relationship had ended badly.  The Border agency intercepted a package of ecstasy tablets at Heathrow Airport that were addressed to Yates in Feb. of 2014 and an investigation began.

Derbyshire police would not say exactly how it was discovered he was buying the drugs on the dark net. “He was using an Internet site called The Silk Road and on occasions it appears he was selling to more than one person based on the text message information we have seen,” said Judge Robert Egbuna. At his first hearing Yates plead guilty to possession with intent to supply MDMA between Dec. 2011 and August 2014. He offered to supply cocaine between March 2013

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