Friday, September 22, 2017
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DNB, Norway’s Largest Bank Shuns Bitcoin, Boots Bitcoin Association

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DNB, Norway’s largest bank, has discharged Norges Bitcoinforening, a recently-formed, non-profit bitcoin association, over concerns about militant financing and income laundering, according to, a Norwegian news site. Norges Bitcoinforening has given motionless to take a business elsewhere.


The organisation non-stop a bank comment in Aug to accept impost and donations which can be done in bitcoin. DNB suggested a organisation within 3 weeks that they were no longer a customer. The notice said, “DNB can not be assured about a association’s income has no tie with income laundering or terrorist.”

Association Wants Answers

The organisation asked a bank what manners it broke, though it has not perceived a response, according to organisation personality Stephan Nilsson.

The organisation has 832 million crowns in a account,

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