Don Tapscott May Be Behind the Next Major Blockchain Organization

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On August 24, members of the largest firms working on blockchain technology met with Don Tapscott at his Ontario summer compound for a three-day meeting to discuss the future of the blockchain. 

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Tapscott, who is well-known for co-authoring Blockchain Revolution, believes the get-together could be the start of a new distributed ledger advocacy organization.

Don Tapscott: ‘The Real Pony Is the Underlying Technology. It’s Called Blockchain’

At the private lake home meeting in Ontario, guests from major firms including IBM, JP Morgan and BitFury have been networking during the three-day event. The main discussion at Tapscott’s private meeting has revolved around the absence of “grown-up” governance, according to Bloomberg.

As legacy firms and financial institutions embrace the emerging technology by adopting blockchain protocols, Tapscott’s guests believe more standards are necessary. This belief stems from recent mishaps in the blockchain world, such as the attack on Ethereum’s DAO.

Tapscott tells Bloomberg that rather than representing their companies, individuals attending the private meeting are there on their own accord. “The goal is to try to come up with insights and concrete actions to [sic] moving forward,” he says.

Tapscott TEDTapscott and his friends believe the meeting will produce

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