Dragon’s Tale — a Truly Epic Bitcoin Game!

Dragon’s Tale is of those bitcoin games which are different from the norm. The norm being casino themed bitcoin games like poker, slot machines etc. If you are a bitcoin enthusiast, gamer who likes MMORPG and have a slight gambling streak in you, then you will take to Dragon’s Tale like a fish to water. Dragon’s Tale has the right mix of all the three elements (bitcoin, game, gambling) and what makes it great, is the required minimum system requirements.

Unlike conventional console or PC games like Age of Empires and other strategy games, Dragon’s Tale doesn’t require any exceptional hardware and software requirements. It is capable of running of any machine that can handle Windows XP with a memory of 1 GB and Shader Model 2.0 support. If you are a hardcore gamer who pays Battlefield 4, latest editions of Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, then you might feel a bit thrown off during the initial stages. But the game grows on you once you start playing it.

Developed by eGenesis, Dragon’s Tale was launched in July 2013, almost three years after the initial announcement in 2010 by its creator Andrew Tepper. The game has an oriental free roam setting where players can interact and help each other inside the game. It gives option of new gamers to choose a mentor who can guide them through the gameplay until they get used to the game environment. The interactive environment can have gamers interact with the objects inside the game and get rewards during each interaction.

In-game bitcoin rewards, which can be used to bet inside the gameplay makes it more exciting. The game has multiple levels and in order to progress, the user has to complete the assigned tasks in each level to progress further in the game. These tasks involve placing small bets and winning certain amounts. Initially you can just use the rewards obtained from interacting with the environment to place bets and understand the whole gameplay and if you need more bitcoins, you can always import more from your wallet.

Each element in the game has detailed description and instruction which makes it easier to expect the possible outcomes. By using the information and instructions available in the game, one can take well calculated risks while gambling. This is something which other gambling oriented bitcoin games lack.

It has been about two days since I started playing Dragon’s Tale and it has managed to capture my attention. I am the kind of gamer (or gambler if you must say) who easily gets bored with regular casino themed bitcoin games, but in Dragon’s Tale, placing bets is well embedded into the game play that it doesn’t feel monotonous. Having said that, it is time for me to get back to the game.



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