Dragon’s Tale – Collect Your Prize in The Feather Tree


Dragon’s Tale is one of those Casinos that are completely different from the conventional Casinos. Dragon’s Tale is the one and only role-plays Gambling Casino in the whole Bitcoin gambling industry. It is the place where you will find dozens and dozens of incredible casino-based mini-games unlike any you have seen before.

Apart from one or two patience-based games, these mini-games are simple skill or luck-based mini-games that are very fun to play. One of these patience-based mini-games is the Feather tree. If you are patient enough this game is almost a sure win. The Feather Tree is a Tree that will find in one of the islands that are part of Dragon’s Tale virtual world. This tree will pay out random awards every day for 30 days in a row.

Feather Tree is a game that is played over 30 days.  You can find a Feather Tree in Xinren (at 235 220) which is one of the islands in the game. To play the game players you must purchase a license. A player can buy only one license, so that means that breaking this rule mean you lose all purchased licenses.

The game is basically a faucet in which players can only access one time per day. Every day you will be able to harvest one frond from the Feather Tree, resetting every day at 7:00 EST. Any days missed increases the award for other players.  If you don’t collect your frond in a given day, your frond’s value will be lost and will be added to the next day’s pot. The more people buying licenses, the less each frond is worth, and there is no way to tell who has a license.

Come along and start playing at Dragon’s Tale and be prepared to find the most exotic and best paying casino games in the Bitcoin gambling industry.

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