Dutch Drug Dealers Arrested with Ties to Dark Net

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A 28-year-old Dutch man and two of his friends were arrested last week in a huge joint investigation with the United states to combat illegal drug trade that takes place on dark net.

The main suspect is from Broek op Langedijk, and is suspected of trading and exporting large quantities of narcotics and money laundering. The other two, a 29 year old male from Nieue Niedorp and a 26 year old male from Alkmaar were arrested on suspicion of involvement in trafficking. All three were arraigned Friday.


As part of the investigation, police raided 11 locations in Alkmaar, Broek op Langedijk and Heerhugowaard, and others. In the raids 140,000 Euros, around 45 kilo’s of MDMA and Cocaine, designer watches, vehicles, computers, usbs, houses and one warehouse were seized. Law enforcement also came across a large number of packages containing more narcotics ready to be shipped to the United States.

This investigation has been ongoing since the takedown of Silk Road 1. The main suspect was identified by his online alias. Once his online persona was known, police were able to trace him to online

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