E-Coin Announces Holiday Campaign; To Award Free Virtual Bitcoin Cards

Renowned Bitcoin debit card issuer E-Coin has announced a new holiday campaign in which it is awarding its virtual Bitcoin card for free.

Holiday E-Coin Giveaway

The campaign, according to E-Coin’s online update, requires participants to submit at least 10 gleam.io entries using over 20 different tasks. These tasks are pretty easy to achieve, for they only require participants to be the social media voice of E-Coin. It means that participants can submit the said entries by watching and sharing E-Coin videos on YouTube, retweeting its tweets on Twitter, engaging in E-Coin’s threads on BitcoinTalk.org, and doing anything that could spread the company’s message among masses.

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Participants finishing the said tasks are promised to be given a free virtual Bitcoin Debit Card, a product which has its own set of benefits. For instance: these Bitcoin debit cards can be used at places that accepts Visa and MasterCard-enabled credit and debit cards. In short, this innovative range allows users to spend Bitcoin as easily as they spend their respective fiat currencies — even on PayPal.

The E-Coin’s Bitcoin Debit Cards are a marvelous amalgamation of Bitcoin and traditional payment technologies. It is technically a wallet which can be loaded with leading fiat currencies like USD, EUR and GBP, and could still be accessed as a Bitcoin-powered tool. These cards are also protected by necessary security protocols such as multisig, so as to shoo away anything that seems suspicious in online arena.

The only mission behind the launch of E-Coin, as the company has stated earlier, is to increase Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption. The company sincerely believes in the unparalleled potential of the digital currency technology in an economically independent society, and therefore prefers to contribute as much as it can to promote it.

Interested participants can visit this link to know more about E-Coin Holiday Campaign.


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