E-Coin Debit Card Integrating Bitcoin And Fiat Currency Launches Online …

E-Coin, a virtual debit card and multi-signature wallet, has raised $63,136 (USD) in a $384,538 (USD) online funding campaign, marking progress in its mission to fill the gap between bitcoin and fiat currency. The E-coin debit card funded with bitcoin can be accepted where most major credit cards are accepted.

The E-Coin funding campaign on www.bnktothefuture.com has already raised 16% of an upwardly-revised goal with 21 days left as of Oct. 14, 2015, reflecting a strong response to E-Coin’s efforts to integrate bitcoin with fiat currencies.

E-Coin launched in 2014 and has already shipped around 10,000 plastic and virtual cards worldwide.

A Versatile, Virtual Debit Card Screenshot_16

E-coin users can perform all the normal transactions that ordinary debit card holders are able to do such as load funds, withdraw money and shop online. Its most innovative feature is merging traditional financial architecture with digital currency. E-Coin allows bitcoin users to spend bitcoin at many websites that do not yet accept it.

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