Engineer Reveals ‘Satoshi-Style’ Whitepaper for P2P Internet

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Taking inspiration from Satoshi’s whitepaper, engineer Daneel Uys tells how BitData can enable peer-to-peer exchange of mobile data in the same fashion value is transmitted over the Bitcoin network today. 

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BitData: A Peer-to-Peer Mobile Data System

Daneel Uys
Daneel Uys

Daneel Uys is a South African researcher and a senior electrical engineer. He is the author of the whitepaper titled “BitData: A Peer-to-Peer Mobile Data System”, in which he proposes a system for exchanging bits of data in P2P fashion similar to how bits of value are transferred on the Bitcoin network. spoke with Uys on how the BitData concept could revolutionize internet access, mimicking Satoshi’s writing style, and why telecoms could be the biggest

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