Erik Voorhees launches ShapeShift, initial iOS crypto converter

Erik Voorhees and his group only launched a new apparatus that competence change a cryptocurrency game. Or, during least, make it a lot easier to play. The Bitcoin entrepreneur announced a release of a first iOS-friendly cryptocurrency trade app.

2The application, grown by Voorhees’ startup ShapeShift, is a initial iOS cryptocurrency converter now accessible in a App Store. It allows a users to sell BTC and 34 other digital currencies with a elementary tap, expelling a need to emanate an comment on a Bitcoin exchange.

The Bitcoin businessman announced a good news on Reddit and the reaction was amazing. Here are some of a replies from vehement Bitcoiners:-

“Great Breadwallet integration!” Logical007

“Love Shapeshift! :)” connect_fist 

“This is amazing. Thank we Shapeshift team! You yield a use that we find invaluable. I’m not a crypto trader, so Shapeshift allows me to modify BTC into any other banking but carrying to pointer adult with exchanges. we only use Circle to get cash/BTC and afterwards use Shapeshift for all my other needs.” f1shbone

“Very cool. Well finished to Erik and a team.” Essexal 

“Great work! Can’t wait for

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