Ethereum Price Falls by More Than 7%

Ethereum appears to have entered a bear market with price falling by more than seven percent today.

Eth's Price Falls by More Than 7%Eth's Price Falls by More Than 7%

Eth’s Price Falls by More Than 7%

The catalyst seems to be last week’s accidental hardfork where ethereum’s blockchain was split into two due to a bug that caused eth’s two main clients, Parity and Geth, to lack consensus. It was the fourth hardfork of the network in just as many months, beginning with the DAO fork on the 20th of July 2016.

Although price quickly began to gain appreciation after the DAO fork, the surprise listing of ETC by Poloniex returned chaos to the market, with the tense period of two weeks giving way to a slow decline of ETC and a gradual appreciation of ETH, up to Devcon2’s opening in September.

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