Ethereum Value Drops as Bitcoin Price Goes Past $670

Now that the bitcoin price is increasing again, Ethereum seems to be losing some of its reclaimed ground in the BTC market. That Is not entirely unexpected, as similar patterns have emerged over the past few months. Looking at things from a USD value perspective, one ETH is worth US$12.2 at the time of writing.

Ethereum Dips To US$12

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The past few weeks have not been overly kind to the Ethereum community. The DAO losing a lot of funds, developers scrambling to find a solution, and eventually soft forking Ethereum. No one had expected things to take such a drastic turn of events in just a few weeks. Alas, these are the cards the community has been dealt, and they are coping with it quite well so far.

Unfortunately, all of these issues and concerns have affected the Ethereum price as well. For quite some time, the values held strong in both the USD and BTC markets, but things have started to slide. On June 28th, the Ethereum price started declining in the USD market. Whereas one ETH was worth US$12 in the early hours of that day,

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