EthTrade Offers 25% Monthly Income on Ethereum Investments


A financial management company has promised to offer up to 25% monthly returns on Ethereum investments.

EthTrade, as the company is titled, is touted as one of the first Ethereum-based investment projects that exclusively operate with currency pairs Ether/BTC and Ether/USD. The company requires investors to invest amount ranging anywhere from $10 to $30,000. The amount, once invested, is redirected to EthTrade’s traders who use variety of trading strategies to make maximum profits. Hence comes the returns.

“Using a variety of trading strategies allows us to make a profit regardless of the economic situation,” EthTrade added. “We trade both the increase and decrease of the Ethereum rate. Your invested money is guaranteed and quickly multiplied. Thanks to the work of our professional traders.”

The services offered at EthTrade come handy for investors that are either too busy or just novice enough to understand the wild fluctuations of cryptocurrency sector. Often they sleep one night predicting a bullish trend, but encounters a flash crash the next morning. EthTrade strives to assist traders with their long-term cryptocurrency investments, and turn them into profits using real-time strategies.

Moreover, EthTrade promises to show these results almost instantly once the investments are made. The profits, according to the company, appears immediately after investors’ register an account on their website. The investors can therefore be assured to receive one of the best high-quality asset management services, as well as professional trade and detailed financial reports to keep watch on the status of their assets. EthTrade added:

“We are successful; thanks to the 100% devote to our work, because we see the future and possibility of the development of high-yield cryptocurrency trade, the results of which we are willing to share with you.”

For more information, please visit EthTrade’s official website here.

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